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A Christian place

It is said that the holiness of the ancient religion was the base for the foundation of Christianity in Samothraki, since the materials used for the construction of 999 churches on the island were taken from ancient monuments and buildings during the byzantine era. Today there are many of them and excursions and short trips can be organized.



Saint Paul’s stall, located 7km from Kamariotissa. Inside there are four large mosaics portraying the passage of Saint Paul from Asia to Europe through Samothraki in 49AC. In the center there is the passage from the Acts of Apostles (16,9-12)which testifies the fact, translated in many languages.


Panagia Krimniotissa. It looks like a balcony of Paxia Ammos, and is built on the top of a steep cliff, which is also the meaning of the name of the church. During the iconomachy 726-843AC, the miraculous picture of Virgin Mary, was found in Paxia Ammos, by shepherds, who build this church to honor and host it.


Agia Paraskevi. The church is built next to the sea on the northwest side of the island


The Monastery of Christ

Built during the Byzantine era in a magnificent location among chestnut trees in Therma. Even though it is half destroyed, it still inspires a great deal of awe on its visitors.


Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, stands in Chora and is one of the unique monumental architecture of the last 150 years. Inside there are old pictures of the 5 Martyrs of Samothraki.



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